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Powere Steering And A/c


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I drive a 1991 Lexus ls 400 with about 88,000 miles on it. This car as been in my family since new and I am starting to have a few problems.

First about 3 weeks ago when i returned to school in Miami I noticed that my air conditioner is having problems. First, It is only blowing hot air when on, the fan is still powerfull, but no matter what my temp set is at, it goes from warmer to hotter. I am wondering if this sounds to be more of a coolant type of deal or compressor, or what? All of the indicator lights on the settings are functioning properly if this helps.

Second, soon after i noticed this, I also noticed a groan when turning my steering wheel. This ONLY happens the first time i turn on the car in the morning. For about the first 5 minutes, their is a loud groan when moving the wheel. At the same time im hearing a "high pitch whirring"noise from under the hood. When popping the hood, it is clear that the sound is coming from the cylinder marked power steering fluid.

After a few minutes the noise subsides and the groanig is no longer present. This wont happen upon starting the car after clases or such, only after the car has benn sitting for 8+ hours. Any insight on these problems will be helpful.

If anyone has any price guess for service at a lexus dealer let me know.

Thanks for everyones help

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Sounds like the circulator inside the PS reservoir has got too much grime in it.

I assume your PS fluid is full????

Anyway, there's a filter in the reservoir that probably needs a "thorough" cleaning to say the least.....

Run a search on PS, PS Flush, etc... and you'll find a lot of info. You'll find a need for a 2-3 complete PS flushes to really clean out the system....

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The power steering could be either low on Dextron III fluid or the pump is starting to go or the screen filters are clogged. Check your level at the pump.

The A/C problem is insufficient or no R12, if it hasn't been converted to 134. I see you are in Miami and I would ask around for a reliable Cuban Mechanic who would do a leak test for you before adding freon. Having lived there a while I know they exist. A rebuilt pump, if needed, should run you in the 120-140 dollar range. PACE in tampa can supply you with A/C parts. Use key words "Power Steering"and then "A/C" or "air conditioning" etc. in this forum as there is a lot of information in regards to both your problems. A good mechanic would not mind if you brought him the parts.

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