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Laundry List Of Problems From Dealer Diagnosis


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My 91 LS400 suffered from power steering pump failure recently and I decided to have it towed to the dealer for complete diagnosis. For $100 I was able to get a laundry list of items that needed repair. After picking myself up off the floor upon receiving the horrific news from the service rep, I decided it was time to either replace the car or become my own mechanic. I love this car and it's paid for, so I have nothing to lose. That's when I discovered this forum, which has served as nothing more than a lifeline for me for the past few weeks and has enabled me to revive my dying LS and take a little extra pride in it. Much thanks to everyone here...

The list of items the dealer gave me had the p/s pump and psi hose at the top, which I replaced a couple weeks ago. The dealer missed when they said my fan clutch was making noise, it was actually the fan bracket, which seized upon finishing the p/s job. So I've also replaced the fan bracket, which was not on the dealer's original list.

Now I'm motivated to get cracking on the rest of the list, but I wanted to post it up here in case anybody has any pointers for the remaining items I need to tackle. I have a decent amount of service information and a complete parts list for my vehicle, but you can never get too much friendly advice to supplement the books.


Here's the list (and delear est.) in order of priority according to service rep:

1. P/S Pump & psi Hose ($1,590.00) - DIY for $300

2. Fan Bracket (DIY - part from dealer @ $230.00)

3. Ball Joints ($580.00)

4. Upper Control Arms ($1,230.00)

5. Motor Mounts ($760.00)

6. Strut Rod Bushings ($600.00)

7. Rear Knuckle Bushings ($540.00)

8. Dipstick Tube O-Ring ($160.00)

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Well, I've started looking for the parts I need and I'm having trouble finding the control arms. The only place I've even found them is at IronToad, for $300 ea. Does anyone know where I might find them cheaper than that?

Also, when the diagnosis mentions Strut Rod Bushings, do you think they're talking about the Strut Bar Cushion or perhaps the Stabilizer Bushing??

I simply cannot find the Engine Mounts or Rear Knuckle Bushings anywhere other than the dealer, anyone know of a source for those?

Also, will I need any special tools for replacing the parts listed in the original post?

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take a look at the Performace sticky at the top of the LS page, i just listed several reputable Lexus online part stores, new and used. check em all out and compare prices

the control arms are gonna be about 300 bucks. give or take

the sites i listed have very good prices, i even listed sites that sell refurbished parts that are a lot cheaper. i suggest you get ur little list together, and do some looking on ALL of those sites, compare and go from there.

some of the parts you will need are not on the list of parts on the site so you will need to call or email them and they will give you a quote, irontoad has most everything you will need as far as susupension components, again you just need to contact them, as they are not all listed on the site, they have very competitive prices, but like i said make yourself a list and call everyone of them, write down the prices and see whats cheaper, some have parts that are cheaper than others, and vice versa

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Thanks silvermate, that's a good list :)

I've been working on it today, but part of my problem is that the diagnosis I got from the dealer was exactly how I listed it here, sort of vague descriptions on a couple items. Particularly the motor mounts and rear knuckle bushings. There appear to be a few types of motor (engine) mounts in my parts list and I can't even find a reference to something called a "rear knuckle bushing"!?!?


Any help on these two items would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, does anyone have any idea where the dipstick tube o-ring goes or what it's part number is??

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I found this on Sound like something that supports the drive shaft?

Lexus Repair: 1996 Lexus LS 400... What is a rear carrier bushing? ... As far as the bushing they may be talking about the lower knuckle bushing for the strut rod. It is a comon repair. ... - 15k

Topic: Lexus Repair


Expert:Zak Saenz


Subject:1996 Lexus LS 400


When should the timing chain of my 96 LS 400 be replaced? Reality vs. Dealer trying to sell me a repair?

What is a rear carrier bushing?


Hello Brian, 1996 is the first year Lexus changed from 60k miles to 90k miles on timing belts. So if you are at 90k then it should be done. As far as the bushing they may be talking about the lower knuckle bushing for the strut rod. It is a comon repair.

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