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It's a 97 and I have blacked out the grill and emblems. It has a custom ram air set up on it and the tranny has been adjusted to shift better but thats about it for mods. There is a clear bra on it and the lights have been covered to. Blue on the lights and Yellow on the fogs. Now if I could only sell it lol.

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With the tranny adjustment the car chirps second gear and shifts at higher RPM's. I have done this to all the autos that I have owned that have a manual kick down. This will only work on the 97 and later due to the electronics added on the 98 and up models. All you have to do is adjust the kick down cable tighter and it raises the line pressure and shift points. It usually take a few times adjusting till you get it were you want but is worth it. Still shifts like normal when cruising but acts more like a sports car when getting on it. I sell and install clear bra's so it was custom done by myself and its clear so not noticeable unless really looking for it. The lights are a 17mil protection film. I used blue on the headlights and yellow on the fogs and put some smoke on the tails for demo purposes.

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