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  1. I changed the amp that came with my car because it was blown. But when i was hooking the speakers into the new one i know some of the speaker wires got mixed up. Only the back speakers are playing now and i was wondering how to get the proper speakers playing. also theres a loud whining noise from the speakers that goes with the RPM's,everyone says i need to check my ground,but where do i check that at?Thanks in advance.
  2. I was looking at rims on a website and they had them listed in 2 categories, they were passenger cars(FWD) and SUV/truck(RWD) I didnt know rims altered if your car is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?and if it does matter, would i want suv/truck rims for my RWD SC4? Thanks
  3. has a DIY tutorial on how to change it,good luck
  4. If i get the LS4 (96-00 i believe) upgrade, would i still need to get bigger wheels,and how much $$ would it cost to get the calipers, rotors, and pads for all 4 wheels, Thanks
  5. Do i need new(bigger) wheels if im going to get the supra TT brake upgrade from lexuspros?i have the stock 10 spoke wheels on my 92 SC4 now,i believe they are 16 inches.What size would i need to go with? Thanks
  6. i was reading AWJ's tutorial on how to do the TT brake upgrade,he said you need at least a 17 inch wheel for it to fit. that was the only place ive seen that information. Am i right in assuming now that i cannot do the upgrade on my SC4 with the stock 16 inch wheels, or are 17 inch wheels needed for another Lexus model, Thanks in Advance
  7. pdi if i went to a place to get my windows tinted what would i say to get a tint xacly like yours? thanks
  8. My SC4's brakes are damaged beyond being driven,and i decided to just save up over the winter for the supra TT upgrade. I had noticed condensation on the windows and was wondering if i could do anything to keep it as dry inside as possible, i already took the carpets out, should i just wipe all the condensation off when i see it or get a cover for it, or is there something i can put inside to keep mold and mildew from growing. thanks in advance
  9. i know ive left them on before,but i dont know about 15 to 20 that the usually length for everyone? the heat coming up from under the dash tends to be the only heat i can feal while driving
  10. my heated seats werent working when i bought the car about 2 years ago,has anyone else had theirs repaired/replaced, about how much would i expect to get charged for this at the dealership i am planning on getting the covers(eventually ;) ),should i just wait and get a heater from them? i was also wondering if anyone has the massager in their seats from,because it doesnt come more trick than that thx
  11. how easy is the install? is it DIY even with no knowledge of anything electrical?
  12. does anyone know where i can get some new calipers,or anyone have any information on the brake recall that is out for the 92 SC4's. a local toyota dealership had a print out that said there was a recall with the ABS and some needed to be repaired and replaced,for free, and a mechanic there said it sounded like this applied to me, called a local lexus dealership and he said he had no idea what i was talking about ,called again and he said it was a service bulletin,not a recall anyway i need a place to get calipers,oem or an upgrade,either one,but i am on a budget any help would b greatly
  13. Its costing me $2000 to get my auto SC4 transmission rebuilt
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