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Power Steering Lines Leaking.


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I've determined that my power steering lines are leaking.  I called a garage and they said with parts and labor around $400.  Is this pretty fair?

Hi calean007,

I don't know what year your Lexus is, but I bought one that was 8 years old with what looked like a leaking power steering hose. I replaced it myself. It wasn't that, it was the pump itself, leaking onto the hose. I would suspect it's your pump.

If you are handy with mechanical stuff, you can rebuild the pump yourself for around $100. Cdn. It just needs seals and bearings. I have already put over 170,000 kms on mine and it still works good and dry as a bone. I found this pump very easy to rebuild. Needs no special tools. The hardest thing was taking it out of the car and reinstalling it. If you take it to Lexus, they prefer to replace the pump. If you leave this problem for too long, then the power steering oil starts to drip into the alternator and can fry it. Alternators are expensive, so look at it fairly soon. I am not a mechanic by trade but have worked on my own cars in the past as a hobby. Hope this helps. Daffy

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Also be sure you know what PS pressure hose you are getting. The OEM hose is better, certainly (hose itself is abrasion resistant and all the fittings are there), but there are knock offs on the market that are *way* less expensive (like $100).

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