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Thinking About Getting A Used 2001 Rx300


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Found a great deal on a 2001 RX300, only $25k and it has about 21,000 miles on it, no navigation though. I'm wondering if I can somehow get the lexus navigation installed in it as well. It seems like it's in great condition too and has everything I want but the navigation. I have a 2k accord coupe right now with a garmin streetpilot 2610 but I'd much prefer an integrated navigation unit. My parents have a RX330 but are very stingy about letting me borrow it for snowtrips so I want to get my own SUV.

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I have a 2000 RX300 with 30,000 Miles on it. Just to let you know I already went through that route. I have no Nav but wanted an OEM Factory nav. I ask Lexus and they said, No.... It can not be done. It will void the warranty. You can only have Nav when you first buy the car. Not only that, the Nav goes together with the HID. Installing the Nav is very complicated. If you're still shopping around for a used RX, look for another one, patient is all it takes.

I'm sorrie to hear about your parents being stinggy on the RX330 :( What goes around, comes around right? Hmmmm... Maybe later on when they retire just be stingy back to them. Let them know how it feels. Hahahah.... :lol:

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I picked up my 2000 with 17.5K for 26k lile new but no Nav, oh well I guess I will have to use the map program from my computer. If you haven't bought it yet and its not from a stealership you can get service info on it from any Lexus dealer with the VIN number. This will let you know if Lexus did the recomended service.


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Thanks a lot for the replies. I will keep on looking around for an rx300 with low mileage with nav and 4wd and HID. My parents aren't that stingy to me really, I guess they're just anal with cleanliness as I understand that snowtrips can get dirty and the RX330 is sparkling clean.

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