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  1. Yes it needs to be up to a certain temp before 6th gear is available.
  2. Thanks for the information! For me it was to much money but if you travel with a family that all have laptops it might be worth it. My wife and I both have the EVO phones and just use the phone to access the internet if needed and our kids are all grown and gone.
  3. I didn't get it but I think it was an additional $30 month.
  4. I didn't get it but I think it was an additional $30 month.
  5. My sprint HTC EVO phone has a built in hot spot that will(at an additional cost per month) supply wifi for up to 5 devices. I'm sure if car mfg put in a mobile hot spot it would work the same and cost more than your phone providers service for the same thing. Jeff
  6. I just checked the nav settings screen to try the unlock both doors on walkup and couldn't find the setting. I did use the key fob method and it worked fine. Jeff
  7. Ok I went to Lexus of Concord in CA and bought the 2012 IS350C $49,684.00 + Doc fees +T&L added 8 year 120K mile warranty, paint and interior protector every thing out the door $56,833. This was the best new car purchase experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend Lexus of Concord to any one looking for a new Lexus in the SF Bay area. My salesman Jeff Lao from the internet dept. was the best. I went there with a price protection certificate from that is $500 above the stated factory invoice and that was the price I got, well very close the certificate I had said $4961
  8. Ok I've started the buying process, any of you guys use pricing to get the real dealer invoice price? I will see how this works when I go to the dealer. The price loaded W/O ML stereo or Radar cruise is stated to be $49,066 :) plus Dealer prep fee Tax, title and reg. Jeff
  9. Have you had your battery tested? It could be the start of your battery going bad. Jeff
  10. I am looking to buy a 2012 IS350C in December just wanted to get any thoughts from new owners. I am going to get it loaded up just shy of the laser cruise control. On line prices are in the low $50ks. Tell me how you like your 2012 350C. Thanks Jeff
  11. Have you tried putting some kind of a dry lock lube in the key hole? Call a lock smith and get some advise on some kind of dry lube that is ok for this application. I've heard that some times the little pins stick inside and the lock thinks you are putting in the wrong key. Jeff
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