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Any 2004/2005 Rx330 Problems?


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Hey all, I have what is rapidly becoming a bewitched 1995 Mercedes E320. After 270,000km everything started going wrong with this car!

I wanted to get an AWD vehicle, after the stupid problems that I have had with Mercedes, I do not want anymore. I was thinking of getting a 2004/2005 Lexus RX330.

I was looking over this forum, apparently the RX300 had some issues (transmissions going BOOM! being one of them). I have had enough stupid things go wrong with my car (it has Lucas heavy oil stabilizer in the engine and Lucas Auto transmission fix in the transmission to keep it alive!)

If I buy the Lexus, I do not want to go through that again.

How have people’s experience been with the RX330? Not stupid problems or? AWD Transmissions ok? Is everyone happy with them?

If I get one, anything I should do? Maybe change the oil/fluids to Amsoil synthetics or?

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Transmission failures are on the older RX300. Not heard of failures on the RX330. The only problem seems to be the software which causes some shifting issues.

If you get one don't use anything other than the standard Toyota T-IV fluid in the transmission.

wow, when did this occur??? I don't remember any transmission failures in the RX300s! <_<

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MY 01 AWD RX300 hasn't "failed" but I have become very suspicious of the fact that at 38K the fluid looks slightly burned and has a burned odor about it.

I have started to wonder if the VC, Viscous clutch, is at the heart of the long term (58k is the earliest I have heard about) failure problem.

Lexus has no documented recommedation for scheduled fluid changes for the life of the vehicle. Mine has the tow package, extra fluid cooling heat exhanger, and the hitch was removed the week I purchased it.

The extra heat contribution of the VC was not accounted for in the design phase?

Or maybe the transmission has just started, not quite there yet, to shift back down into a higher torque gear just as the engine ramps up as a result of sudden WOT?

I have the definite sense that the transmission in my 01 shifts into neutral, or a higher gear than would otherwise be normal, during coastdown and just before coming to a full stop.

My previous experience is that normally just as I come to a stop the transmission would shift into first gear, and thus be prepared for sudden acceleration if I wish.

Is this perhaps why the newer e-throttle vehicles delay reacting to WOT, 2-3 second hesitation, to give the transmission enough time to shift into the appropreate low gear and enough time for the transmission bands and clutch to fully engage/seat?

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