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  1. Hi, I have an 08 rx350 with 202k km. All the maintenance has been done to spec. I have an awful sound coming from the back on acceleration, similar to a muffled hum. It's not the wheel bearings as those were recently done. I was advised it could be the rear differential. I was reading online and apparently it can be caused by bolts back there that may need retorquing. So I do not get ripped off, can someone please advise what to try first and/or look for? Thanks
  2. works like a charm (so far) bad news is that the mechanic noticed a power steering fluid leak on the passangers side coming from inside the boot; from the web it looks like its the passanger inner tire rod end seal...going to see if I can get woodwill warrenty on this as I bought out the car this past febuary...ugh
  3. anyone using the Amsoil SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 Synthetic EP Lubricant (SVGQT) in the transfercase and rear differential of their rx350? going to give it a shot, supposedly the best stuff
  4. anyone have info on doing a diy fuel filter change on a second gen rx350? thanks
  5. been using mobil1 5w30 since the second oil change, and recently switched to castrol edge titanium 5w30. been using wix long life filters as well. no problems. you can do extened opil changes with synth oil and long life filters.
  6. mine has HIDs from the factory, so using the el cheapo syl. bulbs as my DLRs (factory ones died). Using the better white/blue tinted silverstar ones in the fog lights (25$ at walmart for the set) - again becauase the factory ones burnt out. Swap the headlights to projectors and install and HID kit, well worth it
  7. i found the lexus rotors do not take hard breaking too well, try a set of aftermarket raybestos firstline / adv tech. worked for me
  8. its a very simple update, school yourself and learn how-to use bitorrent or newsgroups...
  9. hi all, i broke some of the clips (plastic pegs) on the inner part of the rear hatch when i replaced my stock license plate bulbs with leds.*facepalm* anyone know what part # they are? (the little white ones) anyone know of a substitute that is cheaper that i can use?
  10. too ricer, stock looks best although i like the fog lights with 3 lenses
  11. Continental ExtremeContact DWS or Yokohama prada spec-x (this one does suvs and heavy cars really well)
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