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Wanting To Sell My Lex


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well lately i havnt been driving my lexus alot due to the fact i have 3 cars lol so im thinking about selling it i bougt it last year around this time for 11,000 and it had 110,000 miles on it and now my 1996 lexus LS400 black exterior with beige leather has 111,000 miles on it and is in excelent condition there is nothing wrong with the enterior everyhting works like it should i change the emblems to new gold OEM emblems and a few more MODs wheels are in good condition all of them match and are all michelens might be Z rated but there is a light key mark which i used touch up paint on so its not noticible and i have 3 small dents 1 about the size of a quarter and 2 the size of a dime (probably smaller for the quarter) other then that my car is flaueless i have poeple thinking its a 2003 model car since i got it last year B) so about how much should i expect to get for my car because im not going to sell it to a dealer thas a waist

but i think this might be worth selling now since i am waiting to get my money for the accident i was inovled in which ruined my old 96 LS on the day i got it some bad luck ay but i should get enough for a 05 LS430 they already gave me 20k for the car damage when the car value was 13k :D

any thoughts

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This is probably obvious, but look at Ebay and especially go through the completed transactions. Note the differences between what people ask for and what they really get. Also note which cars don't sell at all because the sellers ask for way too much.

Ebay is the best indicator of current market conditions. The market seems to have dropped as we approach the end of the year.

Usually you can do a little bit better than Ebay if you find a local buyer but of course you have fewer buyers.

Good luck.

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