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Clutch Showing Signs Of Wear

white ice

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my clutch is starting to get a small whine when i the car is idle and my foot is off the clutch. when i press it in the noise goes away. i was told that it is most likely the throwout bearing. i was reccomended to change everything. when i change it should i stick with the OE clutch or should i look into a performance clutch. if anyone comments on the performance clutch. what should i go with?

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it depends on if you plan to mod or not, but if yourjust going to keep it stock then i would just buy an oe set up unless you like a particular clutch from past experiences, like i like ACT for example because every car i have driven with an act clutch grabs closer to the floor but the peddal becomes a bit stiff. so driving in trafic kind of sucks. but most likely you will have the least problems with a oe set up, and dont forget to get a pilot bearing and have the flywheel resurfaced.

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