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Tire Change Question


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OK - I feel REALLY stupid asking this question...

Opened the garage this morning and found that my right front tire was completely flat. So pulled out the manual, figured out how to release the spare tire, jacked it up, and removed the lug nuts (including the locking nut).

Believe it or not, I can't figure out how to get the darned tire/wheel to come off - it won't even budge. I've tried everything I can think of - car is in park, emergency brake on, adjustable suspension height is off, and I can't see anything else blocking removal of the wheel.

Only thing I can think of at this point is this - I just got it back from the body shop last week and the right front was the primary area of repair, including new wheel. I'm thinking maybe there's some type of contact seal that I'm having trouble breaking.

Any ideas at all? Silly question I know...

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Do you have stock or aftermarket rims? It could be the new wheel was not the right size (I'm assuming aftermarket wheel). You might want to take a large rubber mallet or a 2x4 and whack the tire -- not too hard -- to see if it'll loosen.

I assume you tried to wiggle it from side to side...

The lugs are the only things keeping the wheel on the lugs. It shouldn't be too difficult...

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I had the exact same problem as you the first time I pulled the wheels off my truck. I finally used a sledge hammer to break them loose.

The fit is so tight between the hub and wheel that sand and dirt had gotten in between and held the wheel on like glue. Now, after taking the tires off, I always clean the point of contact betweent the hub and wheel really well to ensure both surfaces are smooth.

Seems to be easier to get the wheel off the next time.


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Thanks. I kind of figured it was just unintentionally sealed somehow, but I'm hesitant to jerk it too hard for fear of knocking it off the jack. My neighbor has a heavy-duty jack that should be sturdier. When I get home from work this evening, I'll try your "mallet" suggestions.

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