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  1. I bought my 96 LX450 with 89,000 miles and have been using 87 octane since and have 130,000 now. I don't recall that the owners manual requires high octane for this engine. I've never had a problem with the engine light. For cleaning the fuel system, you can't beat BG 44K. It costs about $15-18 for one treatment but it works wonders. (My local Toyota Dealer sells it, you won't find it at the local parts store) Even better, take it to a shop that performs BG service and have them do the full Fuel system cleaning. It cost $100+ but again, its worth the money. Good luck!
  2. I had the identical problem you describe, except with a Toyota Corrola. I had the windsheild replaced and then this annoying rattle started in the dash. Turns out the new windshield was rubbing metal because of the way it was installed. They had to remove the windshield and install it again to get rid of the noise. I bet you are having a similar issue, perhaps a problem that existed from the factory install of the windshield. If I put just a little preassure on the windshield, the noise would stop every time. That's how I finially convinced the windsheild guy that it was his problem. Go
  3. And while you are replacing the new bulb, avoid touching the glass with your hands or getting grease on the glass as you insert it. Doing so will greatly reduce the life of the bulb. Good luck.
  4. I had this exact same problem recently. About two miles from my house, the oil light came on every morning. I had just changed my oil and switched to Mobil 5w30 syth. I also switched to the larger oil filter. Sure enough, I was a quart low on oil due to the larger oil filter. I now have to put 9 quarts of oil in the truck to reach the full line on the dipstick.
  5. I had the exact same problem as you the first time I pulled the wheels off my truck. I finally used a sledge hammer to break them loose. The fit is so tight between the hub and wheel that sand and dirt had gotten in between and held the wheel on like glue. Now, after taking the tires off, I always clean the point of contact betweent the hub and wheel really well to ensure both surfaces are smooth. Seems to be easier to get the wheel off the next time.
  6. The "chin thing" works great, but after having several people ask me what the heck I was doing, I found an alternative that is not so embarrasing. point the remote at the palm of your hand and your fingers at your truck. Works about the same. point the remote into your forearm and your arm "like saluting Hitler" at the truck, improves the range some.
  7. You can try: They list sets to go in the same series Landcruiser. I would call before you order. I'm planning to use this site to put leather in my wifes Toyota Sienna. Thankfully, the leather in my 96 LX is still in great shape.
  8. I have the exact same problem as you describe. When I first bought the truck, about a year ago, I had to buy a remote off Ebay, then program it. The chirp worked once or twice, but never again. Also, Unless the planets are properly aligned, I have to be right next to the truck to get it to work. If you find a solution, please post!
  9. If you don't see what you want on the site, email them and they will get back to you with availability and prices. They offer new and used parts. I've purchased several items from them and they are great to deal with.
  10. Try I've had excellent luck with them. They sell used and new parts. If you don't see what you want listed on their page, email them and they will get back to you with availability and prices. Good luck
  11. I've purchased several items from this outfit. They are great to work with. I believe they are tearing apart an LX450 at the moment. If you don't find the part you are looking for in their list, send them an email. I usually get a response within hours. Good Luck.
  12. Sounds like the problem has nothing to do with the remote since it won't work when you use the switch on the drivers door either. Sounds like something is wrong with the electric mechanisim that locks and unlocks on the rear hatch. Mechanically, the lock works because you can lock and unlock with the key. So, I would check fuses first then check to ensure that there are no shorts in the wiring to the lock. I've never had the hatch door appart to see exactly how the "automatic" part works, but a visual inspection would be useful to ensure that its not jammed or something. Might need to rep
  13. I convinced my Toyota dealership to work on the LX450. At first they told me they could not work on it, but after speaking to the service manager, he said they could order any parts unique to the Lexus. Toyota and Lexus use the same distribution channel. For the LX450 and LC they are mechanically identical for the same model years. Only the cosmetic stuff is different.
  14. Used or New? If used, what year or model LX450 or LX470?
  15. alanc


    I was experiencing a similar problem with my 96lx450 recently. My mechanic said the belt was loose. He ended up putting new belts on since they were starting to crack, but now my a/c works great even when sitting in traffic. Good luck!
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