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What years of es 300's had problems with sludge?  IM lookin at a 95' with 85k miles what should i look for as far as the sludge issue?

well if the sludge has already occured it will not run right.

take off the oil cap and look inside the valve cover, if you cant see anything thjat looks like grape jam (only brown instead of purple) you are probably OK, but to be sure i woudl have it checked by lexus.

thats the only way i know of to check it...

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I believe the sludge issue became a bigger concern with the 97-01 models...not positive, but its always good to check any year for possible sludge before buying.

The sludge issues affects 3.3 million cars made during 1996 to 2002 but only around 3,400 cars needed replacements.

As Army stated you might be able to see it that way; but as with my 98 if I do that any oil in that area is not circulated and not any way correlated to the engine oil. The oil in that area just sits on hot metal.

I would pull the dipstick and look for yellow varnish. If any the oil used in the past performed like crap

I know my 98 had used dino by the looks inside the Valve covers and the dipstick. That was one reason why I use synthetics.

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