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Should There Be Air Condition Filter In 1993 Ls ?


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Hi !

I have some bad odour sometime when starting after the car has been idling for a few days.

I found a page on the Soarer describing how to clean and re-use the filter.

I found the opening for the filter on the same place as the Soarer ... but there where NO filters to replace in there.

I called the local Toyota shop...

(never sold any Lexus( there have been sold on average one LS 400/430 a year totally here in Norway (price today £ 110.000 ))

.... and they told me that there should not be any re-changeable filter in the 93 model.

What the H... is then this opening for ?????

A couple of bad photos of the opening here:


Please help !!




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I can't even make out what you took pictures of...but anyways, try this http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...showtopic=15261

It's not that difficult to see... I have had quite a few hours looking at this :-)

I have taken off the lower panel of the dash on the passenger side and removed it. Taken off a lid with 2 wing nuts and that is what I saw looking up... simple :-)



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The pic is too close up and there's no reference point. Besides, most of us don't have access to a Swiss model Lexus or aren't inclined to go open one up.

If there's ductwork on each side of that slot, then a filter probably goes there. Does aire come out of the slot when you run the blower? Some folks cut up house type furnace filters to size ans put them in their cars.

A filter, however isn't going to cure the smell problem. The quick fix is like in the referenced thread by spraying some deodorizer or disinfectant into the heater air intakes.

The better fix is to clean the A/C evaporator coils, which is where the real source of the odor is. (Mildew growth).

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