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Clinton Presidential Library


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well the Clinton library opened yesterday down here in little rock, it is really a beautiful and very contemperary building........very odd for the south, but its awesome.

i went to the inaugural opening yesterday, it was wet and rainy but were a lot of people there.........including major celebs and poliitcal figures, ie.......ole W. was there and foregn leaders, as well as brad pitt, and tom cruise and other celebs..

if you guys are ever in this neck of the woods i would strongly reccomend you check this out, it really is amazing........ its on 30 acres right by the arkansas river.............they have a full scale replica of the oval office, as well as many other cool things, like the full day to day agenda clinton had througout his presedency. emails and other things fully open for the public to view.

just thought i would share......... :cheers:

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I bet it is pretty sweet.........

I will check it out if I every make it down to LR!!!

That stuff is really worth it - our country's history and such....


sWEET. There is also a secret office and room in the top for Prez. Clinton.

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