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Lx 450, 1996


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I have Wet Okole seat covers on mine. They are waterproof and I swear they make the seat more comfortable. I think you can order them from the Wet Okole website. If you want to see pictures of them on my car I have some at www.cardomain.com/id/sharr51844.


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You can try:  LeatherSeats.com

They list sets to go in the same series Landcruiser.  I would call before you order.

I'm planning to use this site to put leather in my wifes Toyota Sienna.  Thankfully, the leather in my 96 LX is still in great shape.

if you guys use leatherseats.com Let them know your from

Maxima.org, and you used to own one. They ran plent of group deals on our maxima forum.

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you want leather or non-leather?

wet okoles are nice. they fit very well. once the neoprene smell wears off, they're pretty much odorless...

they're waterproof, which is nice when you dump your travel mug of coffee on it.

great covers are nice (www.gtcovers.com). They have a factory cloth cover (to match what the Land Cruisers had that fit well. They also have a nice cordura material (used for duffel bags) -- they call it edura or something like that. Those are nice from what I've heard too.

Katskinz (or katskins) are supposed to be good too, but pretty pricey.

Have you checked with an auto upholstery shop? They might be able to set you up with a newly covered seat at a good price.

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