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Steering Wheel Shakes At High Speeds


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Ok question 2 (sorry about being a board hog)

When i'm going slow, if i take my hands off the wheel it kinda sways slightly left and right...and when i go at high speeds (above 65) the thing really gets shaking...

now its been doing this since my mom gave it to me, and she said its "normal"...but comeon...its a lexus...relentless persuit of perfection and what not...

so whats the deal? i thought at first it was the tire rotation and would settle after the tires wore into the new positions but that has done nothing (10,000 miles since i got it). Since she brought it to metro lexus (cleveland) before and they did a complete check up on it, belts and everything replaced, i figured they did an alignment but who the hell knows, my mom doesn't know anything about cars and i have a feeling she may have been takin advantage of...but thats beyond the point.

what is the problem?

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It probably just needs balancing. If they were a little out and on the rear, then when they rotated, it would be more noticable with those tires on the front. Usually they balance and rotate at the same time, but maybe they did a poor job on the balancing. I'd have that checked first, before going any deeper.

Sometihing else that's easy to check is to make sure the lug nuts are properly torqued. Also check the tire pressures. That's something many people don't do.


Tires with off center belts will wobble at low speeds too, but that's whole other subject.

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