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Power Steering Hoses Leaking


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well if your looking for the HIGH PRESSURE hose... if you get it from the dealer, it's going to cost you well over $300. That's just the piece mind you. Not with the labor. But i think if you get it at http://www.americanlexusparts.com/ for about $305 but don't quote me... i forgot wut they told me. AmericanLexusParts is a ONLINE OEM store. I think if you get it from the dealer they are looking for around 320 maybe a bit more.

For me... i got the economical version off of ebay. It only costed me $99 then i paid a couple of dollars for shipping.


This is wut i won. I checked the sellers other auctions... but he doesn't have it for LS... but i'm sure if you ask him he might get it for ya.

I think the company is OMEGA. I haven't had n e problems with it yet. It works great. Power steering feels super sensitive and soft to turn. I've contacted the other buyers who purchased it way way way back... n all of them have nothing bad to say. It's still working and the same goes for mine.

As for installing the P/S pressure hose... its a pain in the !Removed!. I didn't do it myself. But i saw where the lines ran... n it looks like a pain in the !Removed!. It goes all the way to the bottom of the car. THe power steering is on the passenger side n i believe it ends at the driver side.

Well good luck and i hope this info helps. B)

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