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Never Thought I Would Post


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Cheers all ; :cheers:

I never thought i would post here asking a question regarding my es 300 , since i thought it was not vulnerable to any malfunctions. But sadly i am becoming one of the help seekers on this forum. Past few weeks i have noticed something different on my car. Everytime it rains or the roads are wet and some times in dry conditions, every time i hit brake the "BRAKE" lights comes on or when i slow down the "BRAKE" lights come on ! I am talking about the light what usually comes when you have the foot brake on . I have checked the Brake Oil Level and also the brakes itself since i recently changed them. I wanna take it to the mechanic but i want it to be diagnosed before i spend 100's If any one has any clue what i am talking about please feel free to reply or even have any questions.

Another unfortunate thing :chairshot: , i got into an accident yesterday, :cries: rear ended a freakin Toyota Sienna ! Good thing i only lost the corner light, but the sienna's rear bumper got cut half ! Another reason why i admire my Lexus ! any one knows where i can get a corner turn light, i mean the housing itself . thank you again.

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could be a loose connection where your p- brake engages  or something wrong with your rear brake components

Thats what mine is, however, this doesnt usually happen on applications with a pedal brake.

The reservoir sensors in these cars are EXTREMELY sensitive, put it at the max line on the reservoir, that should cure the problem. It sounds like when you round corners or slow down, the fluid is sloshing forward in the tank, leaving the sensor with no fluid on it, so it triggers the light. Then goes back off once you accelerate or steady your speed.

On mine, it is an electrical connection, because if i tap the handle, the light will go out. :rolleyes:

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