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Radiator Cap


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I just replaced the radiator on my SC300. I was losing about a quart a week and noticed that the insulator between the radiator and core support was soaked with coolant. In the process of changing out the radiator hoses I noticed that the lower hose looked like it was leaking near the block. I'm guessing the radiator was not the original problem. After driving for a few days my wife says she can smell something like it's overheating but the temp gauge never moves. I took a peek under the hood and I can see where coolant was expelled on top of the cover between radiator and A/C condensor. I'm going to try and find a radiator cap (new Lexus dealer by me doesn't stock a lot of parts) and hope that clears up the problem. I should have looked closer at the problem in the first place.

Anyone else have other ideas?

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