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Sicko Radio- Help


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We bought new in 95 a LS 400. It now has 76K miles on it. The radio from day one has been the pits. AM never did work and FM sounds like a Pinto radio. At the time I didn't worry about it because I sometimes install after market radios.

Little did we know that this radio fits only a Lexus and there were no after market units.

So after 10 years as anyone developed a kit or method for getting a decent radio installed?

Side note-- Just replaced the brakes based on advice I got here. DIY cost me about $130 for parts. Very easy to do front and back. Thanks to everyone for their help. Now a Grrr for Lexus. The pad indicator light doesn't tell which wheel or front or back. Also while I'm at it the door open light works the same way. Light on-- Guess which door? I wonder if the 430 has corrected this. You would think in a car this expensive it would give more info.

I expect perfection but Lexus only advertises the pursuit of same.

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There's an aftermarket radio installation kit available at http://www.sfxaudio.com

Click on "shop" then click on installation accessories.

The kit is a perfect fit and is very clean compared to the ones I've seen on Ebay. http://www.lexls.com has a tutorial on how to replace your stock headunit with an aftermarket stereo.

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