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Driver Side Mirror Is Loose On Its Pivot Post


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Oh boy, years go by and zero issues and then this weird event :censored:

The drivers side mirror is loose on the post that it moves on. Ya know, like when you go into a car wash and the mirror housing moves toward the door and then you push it back forward to its default position after you dry off the car? Well, now it moves back and forth with ease. I gently raised the mirror body and saw the post it pivots on, so I think that a retaining screw of some kind has come loose, or???

Ya see, I have never had the mirror housing apart to know how the housing and post are retained together.

Any ideas on how best to seperate the mirror body or fix this issue? :cheers:


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If I remember correctly, the mirror body can be removed after removing the interior door panel. Just be aware that you will also need to unplug a harness as well.

Are you sure that someone did not go by and try pulling it off? I live downtown in a college town and some piece of !Removed! drunk ripped my power antenna out (the interior nylon cord was broke so the tip protruded about 1/2"). This would not have bothered me all that much ( i was going to replace it anyway) but apparently when it broke it came down and scratched my finish as well. No respect!

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I have the same problem with my 1992 sc300, just that mine is on the passenger's side, and it makes it hard to reach over and move the mirror back to where it's supposed to be. :( I want to fix it myself, but are there any special tools that are needed? and would it be a hard job? please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

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Hi Guys,

I had the same problem with my passenger side mirror on my 2004 RX330. I'm not sure it's the same as your mirrors but I would expect it would be similar in design. On my mirror, there is a small plastic access door on the under side of the mirror (not the mount). The access door is removable with a small screw driver (cover the screwdriver in tape to prevent scratching the door or mirror case) the access door has a very small slot where the flat screwdriver will fit. Twist the screwdriver and the access door will pop open off the mirror. Once the access door is removed then you will see two recessed screws going up into the mirror case (mine two hex head type screws). Use a hex key to gently tighten the two screws (don't overtighten). Once the screws are snug then the mirror will be tight on it's pivot again. Replace the access door by snapping it back into place where it was removed.

Hope this helps everyone in this old posting! :)

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