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Which Is The Better Off Roader?


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What i know in the past for both off-road vehicle ( World War II US - Japan before we dropped Nuclear bomb in Hiroshima & Nagasaki )

Back then we were usin Jeep(Willis) and Japan used the LC series and for that was not joke , we talkin about some serious off road (wild jungle) back in 1940.

So for that u cant compare both car who/which better?

The engineering & designed for both vehicles made to be capable to do off-road and that was 70-80 years ago.

And if u look for some serious off road i strongly reccommend 4 cars that capable of which is Humvee not the H2 model, RangeRover, LandCruiser & Jeep because they were in the off-road industry for over the past year.Based on the experienced i seen all the 4 cars in REAL serious WORLD OFF-ROAD challenge.

Not like these days all the automaker try to create and designed SUV which we dont know how capable of those SUV??? are they designed them to be REAL off-road?? or wanna be off-road model? im sorry i dont mention quiet name here but u know what im talkin about heh...


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to provide a really good answer to your question -- which is better, I think the term off-road should be defined first.

if off-road means off pavement, then performance should be equal.

if off-road means putting the transmission into 4-low and crawling over occasional obstacles, both are capable, but you'll be alot more comfortable in the 470 while doing it.

if off-road means taking the vehicle on a trail like the Rubicon Trail (in CA)...you'd be insane to do it with a new 470 of grand cherokee, but the 470 would succeed with fewer problems and would overcome more obstacles unassisted than the grand cherokee.

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to have time to run the Rubicon with my LX 450 once all the way through and once from the Tahoe side down to Rubicon Springs and back out. The trip down and back up Cadillac Hill was with a friend who owns a 1998 Land Cruiser -- which is equivalent to the 98 470. His is equipped with a rear locking differential and he installed an after market locking diff for the front. His truck performed amazingly well -- and this section of the trail is NO cakewalk!!! He has a mild lift, rock sliders and he fabricated steel bumpers for the front and rear.

The next run I made on the Rubicon was all the way through from Loon Lake to Lake Tahoe. The reason I mention this is because we met up with a group of GM enineers, manager, and their support crew along the way. They were testing the H2 and the H3 against a Jeep Rubicon and Grand Cherokee. With them, they had 2 support trucks -- loaded with spare parts for all vehicles and every imaginable tool to allow for trail repairs. The crew was pretty mum...but we did learn that the Cherokee performed fairly well, but had problems along the way. When we first met up with the group, they had stopped to make repairs to a couple rigs in their convoy.

The group I was with included my LX 450, 2 '96 Land Cruisers, a 60-series LC and a couple 40-series LCs. The newer Land Cruisers and my 450 made it through without a single problem.

So...given this...my personal experience, I'd say that the LX (Land Cruiser) will outperform a Jeep Cherokee on the tougher trails.

One more thing to consider is that the LX 470 has the adjustable suspension, which when set to the highest position will provide more ground clearance than the Jeep GC -- and when you're off-road, ground clearance is very important.

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which is the better/more capable suv for off roading.....lx470 or jeep grand cherokee

Opinions please.......

well we gotta look at it this way, they both are capable of off road conditions, but it depends on the person themselves. It's up to the off roader if he/she feels like taking a $20-35k jeep suv off road, or risk a $65-70k LX470 off road. ;)

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Ive taken my lx470 off roading...ended up cracking the side footstep over a large tree trunk. Wife wont let me get rid of them though. Nice thing about jeep is it does not have any of those. Any thoughts how to avoid breaking them in the future?? Thanks.

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You SO need to replace the running boards (the side footsteps) with sliders -- check out the ones at www.sleeoffroad.com.

They put a set on their shop's LX 470. Rather than being made out of plastic, they're made from 3/16 inch thick steel tubing. They'll support the weight of the 470 themselves. There's no way the factory running boards will EVER do that.

It'll be the best of both words for you -- your wife will have a way to step up into the 470 and you'll have something that protects the rocker panels.

Now...don't kid yourself about it being better that the Grand Cherokee not having running boards. That log that cracked your running boards would dent the rocker panels on the GC. MUCH more expensive to replace/repair.

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Ive taken my lx470 off roading...ended up cracking the side footstep over a large tree trunk.  Wife wont let me get rid of them though.  Nice thing about jeep is it does not have any of those.  Any thoughts how to avoid breaking them in the future??  Thanks.

here's the thing, for the GX470, it turned out 4x4 of the year and four wheeler of the year. The only con they mentioned was that if the consumer feels like ripping off a nice stepboard of a $53k GX, or a $65-70k LX for u guys. ;)

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hey i have to chime in on this one being a former grand cherokee owner; the jeep has a excellent 4 wheel drive sytem which is better the the lx but i have to say the vehicle is unreliable so what good is the system if other parts of the vehicle brake down!!! thats why i got a lx. I have not done any trips yet with my lx but i have done utah moab and several carolina beach trips and the jeep performed great but that back in your mind worry about mechanicle failures just is not worht it. I have to say that in basic form the lx wins because of clearance issues but i had my jeep lifted and had larger tires.

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