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  1. 2004 lx470 lately, when going over 65 mph, i experience a rough ride...bit of vibration throughout the cabin, including floor and steering wheel. Tires have been balanced, without relief Car is being looked at again (lexus can not really reproduce it of course in their opinion). It is in dealer for 30x service (800$), and I was just told the front brakes need replacing and the rotors are warped a bit (600$ for basic front brake replacement and to grind the rotors a bit) any thoughts?
  2. pemarsh

    Whining Noise During Acceleration

    This is rather interesting.....I have a 04 lx470, 21k miles, and i have the same problem...began about 2 weeks ago. Same exact description. I thought it was radio interference...but still occurs with radio off. I look forward to everyones replies.
  3. Whoever is using michelin pilot ltx tires with their lexus suv, and you comment on them, and how they compare to stock dunlops?
  4. pemarsh

    Gently Swaying Back & Forth At 65mph

    is this a problem at all with the lx 470?? If not, what changed?
  5. pemarsh

    Lexus Extended Warranty

    Is there a time limit when you have to obtain the wararnty from lexus?
  6. pemarsh

    Whers New Lx

    AUGH!!! I wish I had more HP in my lx 470 2004!!! Dont think I could afford to trade it in either for the 06. UGH!!
  7. pemarsh

    Wiper Switch Question

  8. pemarsh


    thanks for the help!!! cool beans!!
  9. pemarsh


    chicago area...any help would be great
  10. pemarsh


    Finally getting fed up with anemic power of lx 470. Called four Lexus dealers...all of them say they can not get a supercharger, simply because they are not being made right now. I was under the impression that some people are saying that they are out there... Can someone clear this up for me??
  11. pemarsh

    Extended Warranty Options

    if that bbb link does not the following: 1. go to 2. under "check it out" reference tab in the upper left of the page, click on "bussiniess" 3. Under name (there will be a green dot marked here), type in "1sourceautowarranty" 4. Click on the name "1sourceautowarranty" under the results tab---it should be the only result that pops up from the search. read the report...........
  12. pemarsh

    Extended Warranty Options

    If you think 1sourceautowarranty is up to better check out this link!!! There are also various complaints filed with the attorney generals internet search revealed all of this and more..... the BBB has received one complaint on this company every 5 days....for the past 3 years!!!!!!!!! Perry
  13. pemarsh

    Tire Sizes--and Lack Of!

    ah...I understand. I just dont know why there are such a limited amount of choices
  14. pemarsh

    Lexus 470 In The Mud

    doughohn... I like your explanation of the lesux performance in the mud...being twice as heavy. Ill buy that.
  15. pemarsh

    Tire Sizes--and Lack Of!

    I would rather stick with the oem size