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Short Draining Battery In 94 Es300


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i have a 94 es 300 something is killing my battery overnight i put in a new battery in and it lasted one day i got the car to start 2 times with a power pack but both times when i hit the break the car died now when i turn the key nothing happens even with the power pack hooked up when i look at the battery with a meter and the battery cables off i get 12vlts with the cables on i get 0 vlts thanks in advance adush

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change your cables from the battery to the starter main ground on the tranny and under the battery tray.

this can be a easy fix with the right tools. You need a 12 volt test light and a volt meter.

1. first start jump start the car and get it running.

2. put he volt meter on the bat and measure the voltage. do u have more then 12.5 volts.

3. turn on your head lights and all your acc that draw power and test the bat voltage again. did it drop below 12.5? if it did you need and alternator and go get one before u do any more. if voltage is above 12.5 move to step 4.

4. turn off the engine and make sure everything is off. everything must me off all lights even the one under the hood if there is one.

5. disconnect one of the bat terminals. connect one side of the test light to the bat were you disconnect the terminal and the other end of the test light to disconnect bat terminal.

6. the light should light up bright is u have a short or something on that is draining the bat. if the light does not come on u did something wrong or do not have a short or draw of current some were.

7. the brightness of the light will be proportional to the unwanted current draw. so in your case if you say the bat is draining in a night is should be bright.

8. you should now go to your fuse panel and start pulling fuses. have someone watch the test light to see when it go out as you pull out fuses.

9. when you remove the fuse and the light goes out you found the circuit were you problem is. YOU left something on on that circuit or there is a sort on one of the wires. When you get this far let me know what circuit it is on and I will post a wiring diagram of the circuit so you can track down the problem.

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i will try everything  thanks for the info but why when when i hit the brake pedal everything shuts off the engine, dash lights everything

will everything shut off if you hit the brakes with the jumper cables still connected to supply power to the car?

if you are jump starting the car and then disconnect the cables any you alternator is not supply any power and you tail lights draw enough power it may kill everything, or you short my be in that area.

if you have a bad enough short lets say some were on the wires that supply the brake lights it could have blown the rectifier in the alternator. so one you are not charging and 2 you are killing the system when you hit the brakes.

also try removing the fuse for the brake lights and see if everything dies when you hit the brakes with the car running.

we will address this problem more when you come back with the results from all the test above. This should give us enough info to maybe find you problem

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everything did shut off with the jumper connected and releasing the brake did not bring the dash lights on i had disconnect the battery and the alternator to clear the short i pulled the brake fuse and got the car started again this time the car did not shut off but you can not put the car in drive with that fuse pulled i shut the car off and added a piece of ground wire from the battery to the chassis to see what would happen because SKperformance said to (change your cables from the battery to the starter main ground on the tranny and under the battery tray)after i added that wire the car started right up and did not shut off when i hit the brake i will let you know tomorrow if the car starts if it does i will change those cables

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well its the next day and the car started right up and it started right up all day i ran everything the heat, wipers, lights and the radio thanks to everybody that helped

so what ended up being the problem? you must bring closure to that other can learn.

and SKperformance y did you sujest changing the cables from the battery to the starter main ground on the tranny and under the battery tray. what was your logic behind that? again i am just trying to find out what the final problem/fix was

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