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1991 LS400 End of Life Options

Bob St

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Hello,  I've had my Mom's Lexus since 2005, when she passed.  She wanted me to have it to see how long I could keep it going, since it was her only new car in her life and because I still drive/maintain my '67GTO.  Car still beautiful and rides like a dream.  CATs and O2 sensors have been our downfall.  Replaced 4 years ago and now, same problem again.  Looking for someone who could keep her running, perhaps a Lexus Tech.  Otherwise, I'll have to salvage or donate to charity, which will also result in salvage.

Thoughts about other options?

Lexus Right side.jpg

Lexus Hood and Lt Ft Qtr.jpg

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The cat(s) may have been wiped out by the bad O2 sensor(s), since an engine running rich can easily shorten the life of the cat(s). I've sold three cars using craigslist.com. 

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Appreciate the advice, guys.  Yes, it was the prior O2 sensors, throttle position sensor and air mass sensor which caused the engine to dump fuel into the converters.

So, the damage is done and I need to find the best way to get the car into someone's hands with the knowledge and resources to get it back on the road, where it belongs.

Good luck with your own Lexus' !

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If you can find used cats a good muffler shop can easily install them. Same is true of new ones, you can find new for 120 to 150 a pop and have muffler shop install them. Other option, are you somewhere that you can delete the catalytic converters. Would still need to fix the sensores so it runs right and gets good fuel mileage but saves the cost of cats. I would never scrap a good car, let alone one with sentimental value, for 6 or 700 bucks in repairs.

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Hi Antoine.  Appreciate your post.  Unfortunately, I donated the car to Habitat for Humanity last week.  One of my big concerns with donations is that too often, the cars are crushed for scrap.  They came in a covered trailer and I was left with a positive feeling that they would try selling it first.  Was a comfort to me.  Perhaps you could find it on their auction soon.

Good luck, and thanks for reaching out.


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