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01 RX floor mat recommendation?


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Since the carpets in this car are still in super condition, even at 1/4 million miles, I'd like to protect them with some rubber mats.

I spent too much time -already- considering three or four offerings in beige, and would prefer to steer toward some deep-dish types, but don't know enough so figured to ask the folks here what their experience s are.

Amazon seems like the ware houser of merit, with several MotorTrend, a Caterpillar, (and others) to choose from.

There is a cut-to-fit aspect with all, and the higher cost offerings -may(?)- stink of chemicals LESS(?) than cheaper offerings...

A cargo area mat wouldn't need to be exact match of brand, and it's looking to follow the same (spend more -maybe- better(?) ) Staying with beige all around is best, too.

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Read many product description pages about mats I intimated that I was interested in, and the only thing I've been convinced of by the offerings that I found was that I really wouldn't be satisfied by anything that wasn't beige in color (or resembling that hue), and that settling for slabs produced in china would be the only available for a reasonable price. There were also multiple turn-off factors apparent to each of the multiple offering all manufactured by a company called BDK, and marketed by several different brand markers,

Then I came across the Weather Tech brand's All Weather floor mat offering. The mats were suggested by a phone rep., and are a semi-specific fitment. Molded in the United States with a proprietary mixture of rubbery material that touts a 'low stink' factor. 

Although I didn't care for the individual 2nd row mats, I was able to order -just- the driver/passenger foot well items separately, and that option turned into a $60 price tag when purchased through a -very- local (about 3 miles away) dealer in their recognized network that wasn't going to ding me with the exorbitant shipping fee schedule. The company's -matching color- trim-to-fit cargo mat product has a pronounced liquid-trapping surround rib, for a $50 price tag.

These American production products have a higher-than-average combined shipping weight which indicates a thickness factor comparable to the most substantial chinese produced mats I found available.

My -only- downside is that the company makes a 2nd row one-piece mat, but won't sell it separate from a complete set of a universal trim-to-fit 1st & 2nd row placement mat set.

The Weather Tech signature laser-cut to specific fitment for the driver/passenger -ISN'T- available for an RX300, -but- that type of product -IS- produced for the 2nd row -AND- the cargo area mats, but has a price tag exceeding my tastes, (about $90 & $140 (+ shipping) respectively. Beyond my budget, and the cargo mat proved to be very constrictive for my pooch purposes.

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I wish I could add my 2 cents, Charles but I live in California. Most of my carpet maintenance is simply vacuuming each, every 6 months or so, and cleaning them with carpet cleaner every few years.

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The print & video advertisements for Weather Tech that have made the media s since December 1st tout the 'Made in America' aspect of all their products. If I hadn't already been convinced by the exposure to the 1st rate sales job that their website, and the knowledgeable & personable telephonic sales woman, then the repeated 'Made in U.S.A.' - by Americans- messaging was enough for me to decide. 

I'll be heading out to the aforementioned dealer to order up a complete set + an extra pkg. of universal trim-to-fit that will get me the 2nd row one-piece, and a pair of front mats for the MX-5 too.

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