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Buzzing Noise


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I have a 2000 LX470. Does anyone else have a small buzzing noise inside?

It's hard to tell, but it almost sounds like the mirrors turning, small motor like sound, only hear it when radio is off and everything is quiet, it comes on for maybe 5 seconds every 3-5 minutes, although there are times I don't think it is happening. It's hard to tell where it is coming from.

I would just like to know what it is! :huh:


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I hear the same thing, not sure what it is. There is so much electronics on these things, it could be vent adjustments or something. It's that kind of stuff that drove me to the extended warranty from Lexus that has already paid for itself in less than 3 months.

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Still haven't found mine. Radio has to be off and silence in the car to hear it. It definitely has a motor/gear sound and only lasts a few seconds. Repeats, but haven't figured out any pattern or relation to anything else. Does it sitting still, moving, in gear out of gear, etc. Life isn't too bad when this is one of your worries! :blush:

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I know you said the radio was off. However, I have a 2000 LX470 w/ a Nakamichi CD changer. The CD changer has been broken since I bought the car used a couple years ago. Often, the CD changer makes exactly the noise you described on engine startup. I'm not sure if it does it when the radio is turned off. Not a bad AM/FM radio though.......... <_<


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I've battled with interior noise with this car for awhile. I still can't believe that a car like this suffers from all the creaks and squeaks but what'd you gonna do. Here are the problems I had and the fixes, hope some of them helps.

1. Clicking noise around center console- Turned out to be the cd changer magazine in the center compartment that was rattling. I had the part replaced and the noise stopped.

2. Rattling noise from the front passenger area- There is a plastic cover that houses the bottom of the front passenger side seat belt assembly at the floor. This area is likely to get kicked by your rear passenger and the cover loosens. Make sure it is on tightly. If the noise persists (as did mine) put some padding at the gaps. This stopped mine.

3. Rattling noise from dashboard- It was the lock assembly in my glove compartment. The recieveing end is NOT adjustable. The tolerance around the lock assembly causes the glove compartment shake and create noise. Put some padding where the compartment door meets the actual compartment and it'll fix the problem.

4. Noise from the rear second row seats- This is the most annoying noise issue thus far. This is cause by the leather rubbing each other. Lubrications such as leather care products temporarily solves the issue. Otherwise you'd have to fold one of the second row seat and leave the other seating up to avoid contact and thus killing the noise.

5. Small thump-like (sticking) noise around the doors- This can happen on any of your doors (my rear passenger side door did this). This was caused by the rubber seals around the door. Go to any local auto shop and purchase liquid silicon. Spray it on the door seal and it'll seal nice and tight, eliminating the issue.

6. Clicking noise around the door- This was my driver side rear door. The interior door panel was loose. A clip was replaced and it solved the issue.

7. Tapping noise around center console- Check the cup holders for the rear passengers. My rear cup holder assembly was causing the tapping/clicking noise and was fixed after it was replaced.

I believe that would be all of the major ones that had been found and cured on my car. I still have one or two noises in my car but I equally noticed that turning the volume knob solves them :lol: . I still can't believe a car like this can have so much noise issue. Hope some of this helps.

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