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  1. I don't see any integrated retro fits solutions yet but sure they will come. You can get external units.
  2. I have 125k on mine, I'll let you know when I have problems :D
  3. As long as you do not print a label and add that to your homemade CD there is no difference in the CD. If the label lifts slightly on one edge then that causes big problems. I always label with permanent marker.
  4. Info from internet search. They did not have anything for my 2000 LX
  5. I swapped out the battery in my 2000 LX when the battery went dead about 1 year ago. There was no reset. I would also guess fuse.
  6. Mine also had a slight clunk, funny that is the best description of the sound. I took it to shop at 57k miles and they replaced the entire shaft under warranty. THey said it would have been $800 otherwise (seemed low considering most Lexus repairs :P )
  7. I'm sure you have seen these links. I would have +/- 12 volt connection from the battery, coax from the radio to the tuner and then the tuner close to the whip. Is the whip grounded or is it mounted in plastic? Nice equipment!
  8. I would call a large salvage shop (used to be called junk yard until they improved their image). I found an engine for my son's ES300 that way. Luckily there was one local, but they are networked now so they can do a country wide search. They will also likely have someone in the shop or close by that can install it for you. I used Brothers here in Indianapolis.
  9. Hello from WA4OTD! I would reference everything to RF ground near the radio. Run DC power and then the radio is the center. Sounds like it has a built in tuner? What antenna do you have and where is it mounted? Is it connected with coax? Does it connect to ground where it is mounted?
  10. You have had a lot of noises LX470TUNER! I'm very sure mine is just the climate control system adjusting. Otherwise mine is very quiet. Just turn the radio a little louder!
  11. We bought a key FOB for my son's '95 ES300 and it was $150 at the dealer.
  12. I'm pretty sure mine is the vent flaps adjusting.
  13. Local garage changed my left side out today for $490. He said it was very difficult as steering shaft goes through there also. He tried to weld it but could not. I cannot believe how quiet it is now! Right side is ok.
  14. I have the same tick with my LX470. I have 120k but it has been doing it for some time. I think I will try my local shop instead of the dealer on this one.
  15. THis thread was right on! I found the bulb at Walmart, two for $6.
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