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Dos Attacked From This Site.


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First of all im sorry for littering the ES250/300 forums with this topic.

I was about to post a reply to the power antenna question, i had just typed out all the steps and then i got a norton warning saying that i was being attacked.

I looked at the NIS report and it tracked the attack from that IP saying it was a "DOS attack.

I know it would be near impossible to do anything about it but i just thought i would tell what happened.



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I was trying to be funny, but I guess I failed.  :(

And, why do you have a :) when saying it attacks mostly PCs? 

I have Windows 2000 Professional on my iBook, but I have yet to figure out why anyone would want to use it!  <duck!>

I guess I was unfunny also, 'cause I'm always dealing with Mac owners as well as PC owners, and this competition as to which one is best will ALWAYS continue...until the bitter end. :rolleyes:

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you cant really trust this crappy norton firewall or whatever it is called to detect this things right. plus if you would get a dos attack you would not be able to post the message right away, and if the attack would be continuous you would not be able to do :censored: until you get another IP address. if you will get a real dos attack you will feel it and you will not need this software "firewall" to tell u that you are bein DOSed:)

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