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  1. Heh...I got that, too. I figured they were just jealous! :) Now with my ES300 dead, I drive a Prius....and get peple coming up to me in parking lots asking me how far the thing goes on a tank of gas. I miss my ES though.
  2. Do the CD players in older SC's 1992~1995 play CD-R's?
  3. Acckk... it's official. It's a total loss...over $12,000 in damage. Both wheels broken, both front suspension gone(I had AVS), frame pushed about 1.5 inches into the engine bay, subframe bent, both driveshafts destroyed, tranny destroyed, right rear quarter panel dented, a/c system destroyed..... :cries: Went to my GP today... have extensive soft tssue damage in my neck & back. Also a nice big diagonal bruise on my chest from the shoulder belt. Advil is my friend. On a brighter note, at least I'm saving $$$ on gas because of my forced seat time in the Prius! Hurts to shoulder chec
  4. lexusk8: The washer resevoir was broken in the impact, but no other fluids seem to be leaking. I am going to have it towed to a Lexus specialist, but only if the car isn't written off. Checking local ads, it seems my car is worth around $15,000CDN, so I'm guessing a repair bill of more than $10,000 will write it off. I will know the status of my car on Monday, as I have an appointment with the adjuster at 3pm.
  5. Thanks seems everyday reveals some new aches & pains. Went to see my doctor, and he said I have no skeletal damage, just some soft tissue damage. Went to see my baby at the wrecker's...ugh. :cries: Oh, light of recent natural disasters, my problems don't amount to a drop in the bucket I guess. That engine mount seems a little crooked to me... All the doors open & close without a problem, so I guess the frame hasn't been twisted. I'm worried about the front frame where it seems it's been bent in towards the engine bay. I will know their decision on Monda
  6. Well, all the hard work keeping my car in mint condition may have gone to waste. I got hit by a taxi that ran a red. I'm ok, save for some aches & pains. Tough car, she is! The Taxi, a newer Buick model had its front end smashed in about halfway up the hood. *sigh* Funny thing is, all my exterior lights (even the one hanging off the side) still worked, and the engine didn't shut off automatically. My car has the AVS feature....I guess that's expensive to fix? I just want my car back...
  7. I bought my ES300 after my beloved Acura Legend Coupe started to die. The Legend was more fun to drive than my ES, but I do not regret my decision. Recently, I have testdriven a 2006 GS430, Accord Hybrid and a 2001 MB E55 AMG. I am thinking of trading in the ES soon. Why the Accord, you ask? We just bought a 2005 Toyota Prius and the hybrid bug has bitten me a bit....BUT, the unholy acceleration of the E55 AMG is SO addictive...frightning, yes, but exhilerating! LexKid630: damn, you have too many nice automobiles, my friend. Give me one? :whistles:
  8. Yep, ordered it last week, so it should be arriving in 2~3 weeks. :)
  9. Hehehe...I take delivery of mine in a few weeks time! W00t~! :)
  10. I had a 1989 Acura Legend Coupe LS since new which my dad bought for me. I paid him back every penny over 5 years. I kept her until 2002. I loved her, but the body was rusting badly, and the sunroof started to leak. I looked at many cars, mainly a 2nd gen Acura Legend coupe, SC400, GS300/400 & ES300. decided on a ES300. So here I am at 31 with a fully loaded 1997 ES300. :)
  11. I have a problem with my driver's side heater, too. My problem is that the seat gets too will not turn down the heat like it used to. It is literally gets hot enough to burn. Just the element under my left butt cheek does this. Any ideas/suggestions what could be wrong?
  12. Yes, I agree it's a great feature! invaluable when parking your car on the street at night near residences. Toyotas are so Japanese....instead of obnoxiously honking the horn, they emit a polite user adjustable 'beep' instead!
  13. How does one program those doohickeys? *edit* Never mind...just read the FAQ!
  14. Think of it this way: the "i" in VVT-i stands for interference. VVT engines are non-interference, the VVT-i engines are.
  15. What years is this "Volvo Effect" supposed to manifest itself?
  16. Are the fronts tinted, too? Looks good, BTW.
  17. Use an on-line photo server like, then you can link the photos from there. Just don't make the pics too big. :)
  18. You got one already??? Official intro at my local dealer here in Vancouver is on March 5th! Got an invite yesterday. I am so jealous.... Pics, my friend...who cares if the weather is crappy?
  19. You guys are complaining about the snow, we're complaining about the heat! All the local ski hills are closed due to warm weather!
  20. ^^^ Very nice! How much did the OEM headlights cost?
  22. Thanks for the comments! Armyofone: my car is clean because the dealer washes, waxes & vacuums my car after every oil change! Just washed my car today after not washing it for about 2 months! Poor thing was turning grey.
  23. Some shots of my car/s: My old Acura Legend coupe. I still miss her! :( Current car: Ferrari 328 side. Lexus SC400 headlight assembly. Just some snapshots of a 1957 300SL Gullwing that parked next to me this past summer. Owned by a very classy lady...spent about 15 minutes answering my questions. My god what a beautiful work of vehicular art. An Aston Martin DB7 parked on the other side of my car, and needless to say, no one was looking at it! All eyes were on the 300SL! B)
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