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Funny Noise


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I have a 02' IS300 with navigation, manual transmission and limited slip differential. I bought the car with 10,000 miles and it has always had this noise.

After I start the car and go in either reverse of forward, for about 10 feet I get a small "clunk" from underneath the car. I can't really tell whether it is coming from the front or rear. This noise only happens one time after the car is started. I can stop, turn the car off, re-start the car and go another 10 feet and is does it again. Like I said, it only happens one time after the car is started.

The dealership (Northside Lexus in Houston) told me (and this could not be correct) that maybe it's the fact the oil in the differential has settled after the car is stopped?? At first he said, "oh its the brakes", but after he heard the noise it was obvious to him and me that it was not the brakes. They checked the car and said that everything was okay, but it bothers me.

Anybody else have this noise or know what it could be?


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