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Windshield Wipers


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I have a 98, and was at a gas station trying to clean my windshield, but i couldn't raise my right side windshield wiper. the wiper is tucked under the hood so i can't lift them to clean the window. anyone know how to raise it? or is it just not possible? I tried to yank it, but it doesn't look like it would move. thanks!

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yeah .... you need to turn them on ... and as they are going up and down your windshield...when they are somewhere on your windshield... stop them... (you can just quickly take the key out) then it should easy to lift....

Good Luck


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what i have to do on my 97 is while they are in the rest position.. you kinda have to force them up. Gently but firmly pull them up, NOT OUT! they will sorta click out of that rest position and into the replacment position where you can then pull them out to clean or replace. I tried turning them on then turning them off while in mid wipe. and that didn't work. once you are done, lay them back down, then gently and firmly push them back in to rest position, they should click back in!!! I was kinda scared at first doing it, because i thought i would strip the gears, but once i did it, it felt like it was made to. and if you look in the owners manual, it shows a little diagram!

Now REMEMBER! this is on my 97 es, it may be different for your 98, however i believe it is the same on all gen 2 es's

Good luck, and lemme know how it goes


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Prozac is right,

This is the same on the '98. I remember the dealer telling me that for winter snow buildup, you could "click" them up, about 1-2 inches I think, and this would be the low point of the wipe.

But, I just replaced my wipers doing what Prozac just described.

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Yup, ProZac is right. Last month when I was reading the Owners Manual on my 2003 ES it told you how to get the windshield wipers out of the rest position by carefully pulling them up, applying about 20 foot pounds of upward pressure. I also was afraid of doing this since the force seemed excessive but I did it anyway. Sure enough the blades now were about 2" above rest position and I could change the blades because they were not blocked by the hood. On the older ES's(I think '92 to '94), you have to move the electrical contact under the hood to a different position. I never bothered to do this on my '94, but I turned off the ignition key when they were in the position I wanted so I could change the blades or wipe them off with a rag.:)


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yah with the 92-96 models you can remove the grey connector on the wier motor on the right side of the engine bay

turn it 180 degrees and reisert it

the the wipers either will go up 2 inches or rest below the hood line

depnding on the last position

it is for winter snow mode

to keep from straining the motor

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