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Cell Phone Pre-wiring In Rx330


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Need some information from the wise, please.

I need to know if the RX330 comes with cell phone pre-wiring.

If it does, would Lexus be the one to hook up a cell phone, or, could it be done by any cell phone sellers, etc.?

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.

Tom Wolf

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Although Lexus had a cell phone option with audio mute on all U.S. RX300's (http://www.lexus.com/cpo/model_detail/rx/300/2003.html), the Lexus website makes no mention of cell phones for the RX330 (http://www.lexus.com/cpo/model_detail/rx/330/2004.html). What do you want to install? A old-style fixed phone? A car kit for a handheld phone? A Bluetooth kit?

I doubt if you would have much luck getting a Lexus dealer to install a phone or phone car kit in your RX330 but it wouldn't hurt to check. My local Lexus dealer no longer has a "phone guy" since Lexus went with Bluetooth on the LS and LX. You might get a copy of the electrical diagram for the audio system to see if it shows a mute point. For my current LS, the mute point on the electrical diagram is marked TMUT and TLMT. A friendly dealer employee printed the two page diagram from http://techinfo.lexus.com/

IMO, attaching the phone's mute wire to the audio system is by far the most important aspect of making a phone system work well. Before I connected my phone kit's mute wire to the audio system, I missed lots of calls when listening to music at a high volume level. I couldn't get anyone in the Kansas City area to hook up the mute due to the liability issue - I had to figure it how to do it myself. In some areas like southern California there seems to be lots of phone installers that can handle this.

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

I would like to have car kit for a hand held phone installed.

I am worried about taking the car to installers that are not familiar with the Lexus.

It is a shame that they are not offering this option on the rx330.

I bought one with all the options and cannot even get a cell phone installed.

Oh, well!


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Whether or not you install a phone kit yourself, it would be helpful to buy the repair manuals for your car so you would understand how interior components fit together. The electrical diagram is usually in a separate manual. Or you could do a one day subscription to http://techinfo.lexus.com/ for $10 and print/download the repair manual portions you want. The kid who installed a handsfree kit in my previous LS really messed things up - damaged the wood trim, put the handset cradle bracket in the wrong place, etc.

You might consider doing part of the work yourself and letting a "pro" finish it. I would suggest verifing the the quality of an installer's work before you let him touch your car.

Really nice phone car kits are often quite inexpensive - $100 - 200 - and they are fairly straight forward to install if you plan well. Most provide a better user experience than the systems that car manufacturers, including Lexus, offers.

I probably provide this link too often but here is how I installed my Nokia car kit in the LS I purchased last year:


Good luck and feel free to PM me if I can be of any help.


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