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95 Ls 400 Part Numbers


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Trying to give back to this board as they have helped me in many ways.

Helps if you have part numbers when trying to locate parts for the best price I've currently got the front end apart on the 95 and fixing whatever needed.

Struts (non air ride) part # 48510-59086 has been replaced with part number 48510-59106. I paid $42.62 each

Strut bar assembly one side 48660-40021 $91.94

Strut bar assembly one side 48670-40011 $91.94

Rack and pinion boot passenger side 45535-24040 $15.74

When the struts arrived and I went to put them in, both upper strut bumper bushings were cracked and torn up real bad. I had a tough time coming up with the part number but it is 4833150060 $23.47 each.

Looking at how bad these were and how the front suspension is mainly supported and held in place by the lower strut support arms and bushings, I can see why the front end clunks and makes noises on these things.

Since the lower strut support has such a hard job to do in keeping the lower arm from moving fore and aft, I removed the lower support arms and checked the bushings in them. They were in good shape.

My front struts were actually fine with 150,000 on them. Lower ball joints have a little bit of play and will get replaced at a later date. Wife is in hurry to get the car on the road. Actually I would replace every bushing in the car if Lexus parts were not so hard to come by and expensive.

So far I have bought parts from Park Place Lexus. By a few phone calls today, it seems that Bell Lexus in Phoenix is interested in selling parts and his prices were $75 each on the lower ball joints. My local dealer is not helpful at all and seems to mark up parts above list...plus he never has anything in stock.

I think it would be helpful to all if we were to start a thread of part numbers for certain year cars. Much better to shop when you have a part number. Also helps in case a Toyota part will fit.

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It feels like I've got "wooden wheels" on my 91 LS. My 96 is still MUCH better.

Has anyone tried these bushings


I'm seriously considering giving them a try.

Please post your results if you've tried this product.

BTW, we put 30,000 miles a year each on both 91 and 96 LS400's. No time to waste time.


Earl Bridges

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I haven't used the bushings but appreciate the tip. I read at the website about the bushings and one thing the article was saying was that we actually stress the new bushings we put in unless the chassis is loaded. Since I just did strut supports and also had both lower A arms off, I desided to see if this were true. I jacked up the car but put blocks under the wheels and let the car down on them. Bounced it a couple times and then loosened the strut supports and the lower A arms. You could see the bushings "relax" back to their normal "unloaded" status.

Further inspection under the car revealed a tranny mount that has had it...and also a rubber driveline coupler rubber that is cracked. Seems it never ends.

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