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Motor Mount Replacement?/80k Miles


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I searched on "DOGBONE", a common name for the one motor mount on the ES that is user replaceable. I searched: 365 days and newer and in ES forum. These threads came up.

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I did the search, you gots to do the digging.

have fun researching.


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95es 300-80k

I didn't think it was the dog bone again because I changed it a few years ago. Turns out I changed it 3 & 1/2 yrs ago and it was totally shot(BIGTIME) again.

Got part from my buddy today at toyota (Part #12363-62020) for $35 and fixed it in 10 minutes.

Here what I have had to repair in 3.5years and 43,000 miles(car had 37k when I bought)

CV joints


Engine move rod(Dogbone) twice

Replace power antenna

AC expansion valve(started blowing warm out of driver side vents before it totally went) Even when it did go,it would work fine until you drove for about an hour.

Thats it. Not bad.

How do you guys compare?

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