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Mass Airflow Sensor

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Hello All,

I took my 93 Lexus GS300 to a local Toyota dealer (Columbia, SC) because of some problems with hesitation and jerking. Well they diagnosed it and told me that I needed a new Mass Airflow Sensor and it would cost $1,100 !!!

How much should it cost for just the part? Where could I order it from? Should I take it to a non-dealer repair shop to get this fixed?

Any ideas or input is welcomed and very much appreciated !!! Looking to reduce this cost as much as possible !!!

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It really doesn't matter where you take it, the part will have to come from Lexus. The labor to replace is only a few minutes, it is the part that costs. I would recommend you look for a used one from a salvage yard. Some Toyota models may have the same sensor if they have the same engine. This part is critical to proper running of your engine.

The last one I did was on a 1999 Mercedes and dealer cost was $700.00. I thought that was high considering some domestic types cost only a few hundred.

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Hello All,

Thanks for your responses.

I called around and got a quote from a local salvage yard for $125.00 for a mass airflow sensor. I called the local Toyota dealer where I originally took it, and they said they could put in on in about an hour (charge: about $65.00).

However, the Toyota place also indicated that it might be worth taking it to the Lexus Dealer to see if they come up with the same diagnostic or more information. They got a Code 31 (Mass Air Flow Sensor) from their diagnostic tests. They also indicated that the current Air Flow Sensor could not be cleaned and would have to be replaced, and that there could be more problems that they did not detect.

My wife called me earlier today and told me that her car had stopped and that the engine light has come on (light had not come on before now).

Please let me know your thoughts so I can get this resolved as soon as possible.

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Hello All,

Latest Update:

Well, I took it to Lexus Dealer for a diagnostic (charge: about $46.00) and they said the problem was the Air Flow Meter (code 31). They quoted me $1,290 parts and labor (labor rate: $85 per hour; Time: 1.5 hours). The part itself costs $1,100.

So I contacted the Salvage Yard that I talked to previously and they said they could order it for me (Cost: $125.00) and it would get here Monday or Tuesday. At that point, I guess I will take it somewhere (maybe back to Toyota Dealer) and have them put it on (Toyota will charge about $65.00 for labor).

Thanks to all your input. Feel free to leave additional comments or questions !!!

P.S. Is there any difference between "air flow sensor" and "air flow meter" ???

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