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hey every one.. i just got my 96 es300...

it needs some work on the exhust.. (flex pipe broke off)

so i fugured while iam down there fixing the exhust, why not change the whole thing..

iam lookin for a exhust, if not just muffler...

i dnt want load.. i just want Flow (proformance)

maybe a little Rour to her..

i love the way the infinity G35 sounds.. my wife has one ... (i love driven her car)

i have a 240sx turbo (sr20det swap) so thats my load car.. this is my Luxury car sp no need to be to load..

if any one has any good ones let me know..

i also dont want it to look like its should be on a honda/nissan

some thing that looks good on a Lux. car...

i like thermal RD....

my 240sx has a Apexi N1...

plz.. info ppl .!

posted a pic of the thermal.. thats not for the ES.. but just to show u the muffler


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the y pipe is a common problem don't buy aftermarket as they are made cheap compared to the oem one which i replaced mine with , also make sure your engine mounts are good or else you will destory it also again.

If doing the exhaust just change the piping form the resonator back as the cat to res are good piing with 2.5 diameter but it closes down to 2.25 to the muffler which is what i replaced it with SS 2.5 for the rest and got a wide muffler to make it low and deep rather than a dual which i find to be quite loud on other ES's

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ya thast what i want a low and deep sound to it..

how much was the OEM Y pipe ?

so i figure ill Swap the 2.25 with 2.5in piping, and put a thermal R&D CL Muffler

does any one have a Diagram of what the exhsut looks like

i figure its from the both sides of the exhust manifold, meet in to a Y pipe, then goes stright back CAT, RES, then down the a muffler, but i would like to see a pic of it.. like a diagram


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