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Trac Light Illuminated


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Please help!!! I am new and having a problem that need your help.

My 1990 LS400 trac light goes on when ever I get on freeway about 50 miles up. I will go off when I turn off the engine, but goes on again when I drove on freeway. It stay off when I drive inside city. I some one know how to fix or feagure this out please help. The dealer recommended to change the accumulator for 750 $ USD. Thanks alot in advance. Kinhoang Lang.

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I had a similar problem. It has something to do with the throttle sensor. As the sensor becomes worse the accelerator will become useless. You might have already experienced some problems with the accelerator...maybe not being able to rev past 3000 rpms..etc?

I was in your position with the light turning on after some driving and not being after restarting the car. After about 2-3 months of this behavior it was on all the time.

The bottom line: You will eventually have to get this replaced. Go ahead and do it now.

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Hi 1990LS400

Thanks for your advice. I will replace the throtle sensor. Do you know how much does it cost? Can we do it by ourself and where is it located at?

I never get my ca over 3000 RPM. But I notice that driving down hill my car sometimes accelerated itselt when I release my foot from the gas pedal. I will call the dealer to find out how much to replace this.

Thanks again.

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I have the same problem and still yet not figure out how to fix it. Dealer recommended to replace the accumulator for 750$ part itself.

The trac light still come on even when I turn off the traction control switch. This means my traction accumulator still work which does not need to be replaced like dealer sugested I guess! And probably it just some sensor does not work caused this but I still not yet find out which one.

If you get your problem fix please let me know. Thanks.

P.S... did you try to turn off the traction control switch to see if the trac light still come on or not?

Also try to go to batauto.com to learn how to retrieve the code. There could be one of the sensor malfuntion disable the trac control.

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To retrieve your codes you need to short TE1 and E1. Looking under the hood at the diagnostics port inside the cover there should be a diagram (you can use a paper clip). Now that is' shorted, get in the car and turn the ignition to on, do not start the vehicle. The engine light will flash a couple times, pause then flash a couple times. The first set of flashes is the first number the second set is the second number in the code.

Give me or others that have offered the code and we can probably tell you what needs to be replaced.


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