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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? Joe
  2. That is absolutely the worst story I've ever heard. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I would agree, just do what is necessary to keep the car safely on the road. Joe
  3. I'd also suggest telling us where you live. Someone may be able to suggest a reputable independent shop in your area to help you out. Or even better, another member could accompany you to the independent shop and help you out. just my .02 cents. Joe
  4. If you can do it yourself, maybe try buying another gasket. Use the two of them together, they may stop the rattle.
  5. Do a search here on how to pull the error codes. My first guess is that it's your main o2 sensors. There's tons of doc's on where you can get the o2's from. Mine went bad a year or so ago, it does throw the check engine and turn the track off as well. Joe
  6. I'd agree, you may not want to remove them. I had my windshield changed and there is a possibility that those rails coould be embedded in the windshield glue. Joe
  7. Had mine done at the dealer about 3 years ago. They do not turn the rotors, they cross hash if they are not warped, this just smooths the surface. It may be worth it to ask for this to be done. The job itself to change the pads it not tough, they do not need to remove the caliper so there is no bleeding to be done. It took them about 1.5 hours and was only $250. Yes, that was front and rear. Joe
  8. Yes. Mine brakes hard enough to activate the ABS on dry pavement.
  9. Try cleaning your windshield with alcohol, be sure to clean under the area that the wiper's sit as well. Joe
  10. My '93 pedal goes pretty close to the floor, or bottoms out as well. Check the user manual, there is a procedure to check the brake system. Joe
  11. Under your hood there should be a black cover usually located on the drivers side that says DIAGNOSTIC. You want to short TE1 and E1 with a paper clip or short wire run. When these two are shorted get in the car and turn the ignition to ON, do not start. The engine light will blink the first number in the error code, pause then blink the second number. Count these, post them here and I'm sure someone can help you out. Joe
  12. May I suggest that for the bulb replacements in the hvac display as well as for heated seats/ track off switch you can go to radio shack and buy a replacement bulb and fit it into the plastic holder. For the heated seat illumination and trac you can use Radio Shack # 7219. Bend the wire off of the plastic holder and pull the bulb out, you can also remove the green covering and place it on the new bulb. Joe
  13. To retrieve your codes you need to short TE1 and E1. Looking under the hood at the diagnostics port inside the cover there should be a diagram (you can use a paper clip). Now that is' shorted, get in the car and turn the ignition to on, do not start the vehicle. The engine light will flash a couple times, pause then flash a couple times. The first set of flashes is the first number the second set is the second number in the code. Give me or others that have offered the code and we can probably tell you what needs to be replaced. Joe
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