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Alternator/pas (groan )


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I've been browsing the forums - there seems to be a lot of people hit with the PAS leaking onto the Alternator.

I'm replacing the alternator, but I wanted to get opinion on the PAS pump.

There seem to be 3 choices :

{for a 93 LS replacement

1: Lexus orig $400

2: OEM replace$200 or so

3: Autozone replace $100

+ of course the labour in doing the job. Which is best ?

From what some of the threads say, it's not much good doing the pump without doing a valve or seal too.

What, in fact is the real situation ?

Can I just replace the pump ?

Can I just replace the alternator and let the fluid leak again [ but this time I install a cover ] , topping up the PAS fluid as required ?

I've now read all the topics on the forums. Any summaries ?

One thing wasn't clear. Which bit of it leaks onto the alternator [ where exactly does the fluid come from ]

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most of the ppl here who did the replacement used the autozone part. its cheap and it has warranty. the only thing is that they changed it themselves with saved them on labor and in case pump will malfuncion again they dont have to pay labor again.

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Also on the Zone part: be sure you get the reservoir on top WITH the pump; some have got it w/o.

Don't break the plastic 'speed-up' vacuum connection when you take the old one off; it goes back on the new pump~~break and it will be $100.

But check all the threads on this and you will find out all the info. probably more here on the ps pump than anything.

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