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hi, i have a 1996 ls 400 and i'm thinking about switching ti HID, but as i found out, there are like 4 bulbs in my headlight, i know that my high/low beam is H4, but what about the rest of them? does any1 know? i want to change all the bulbs in the headlight to HID or to blue ones, thank you

help would be greatly appreciated,

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ok you have lost me

the only ones available to change to hid's are the high and low

the other bulbs i guess you want the look of blue lights but not hids?

not sure what the other ones are the inner ones i think a re yellow for the fog lights

other should be a parking light

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i will replace with HIDs only high/low beams, the parking light is in the corner light, and fog light is in the other fot dept, but there are 2 other bulbs in the headlight inside high /low beam section, ichecked all catalogues, there are not there

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