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Amplifier Turn On Wire In 02 Gs300

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I have a 02 GS300 with the standard stereo and disc changer system.

I wanted to add an amplifier for a sub.

Dose anyone know where I can find the stereo's remote turn on wire so I can signal the amp to turn on with the stereo?

What color wire is it and where/how to find it.

The amp will be in the trunk.

Any other tips or advice before I attempt this?

Thanks for any help.


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Alright I just called my guy who does my stereo work for you and he said if your doing it yourself just get the signal from the speakers and get a high low converter.. Also if you don't know where the amp is located it's either in the rear right quarter panel under the carpet or behind the glovebox.. But if your gonna get the signal through the speakers you won't have to bother with the amp..

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I had a guy install my Eclipse 5-channel amp into my 1999 RX300 and he was faced with an issue of not enough juice to the new more powerful amp, and he simply used the existing Pioneer/Toyota 190-watt amp located under and behind the rear seat to provide the necessary electronic signal to the new amp. It works!!

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I realise this is an old thread but I just wanted to let you guys know that hooking up the remote wire from the amp to one of the speaker wires is very dangerous.

I had done this after reading one of these posts and it worked for almost a month but one fine day my amp actually caught fire while I was on the freeway.

I have a friend who knows about this stuff and he said the problem was that the remote looks for a constant 12V surge.

The ampreage doesn't matter, as it doesn't draw very much.

The speakers are receiving 2-8V depending on the loudness.

When you have an underpowered remote wire, it tries to find the power elsewhere.

Eventually it heats up and makes a short between the (+) and the remote and usually causes the amp to go out and or/ burn.

The best way to find a good place for the remote wire (if you don't want to pull one all the way from the back of the stereo) is to buy a 12V tester from your local Radio Shack.

It looks like a pen with a wire and a light bulb on top. You connect the wire to a good ground and when you touch a wire with 12V the light goes on.

Next I pop off one of the clips from the power antenna (SC300) and check them all with the stereo on.

Then I turn the stereo off and recheck. Those that went out can be used as a remote wire(just splice into it)

Good luck to all!

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