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Passenger Compartment Air Filter


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This is covered in the owners manual under "cabin air filter".

Look at the hinge on the glove compartment door, underneath.

The hinge pins are made to be pulled out. The heads of the pins are to the inside. Use a fingernail or plastic tool to pull the pins so you can pull them completely out.

Then you can completely remove the glove compartment, door and all, in one piece.

Behind there is a rectangular plastic panel. Just pull that panel out and you can see the filter. It's very similar to the engine air filter in appearance.

Just slide out the filter and put in the new one.

Then replace the plastic filter cover and then replace the golve compartment into the dash.

I ordered a cabin air filter plus some Lexus oil filters from this site.


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:D Actually, you don't even have to take the glove box door off....just carefully release the door forward and the filter cover will be exposed....in upper area of compartment. The plastic filter cover is right there....it pops off and the filter slips out for easy replacing. Place cover back and put glovebox back into dash carefully....NO TOOLS NECESSARY!!!

I've done it several times!!!


2002 IS 300

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I just changed mine yesterday, with a $15 Purolator filter from the local major auto parts store.

I didn't try it with the door on, but taking to door off / putting it back was simple. The OM's directions were perfect.

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