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Rear Dvd Entertainment System


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I was checking around about dvd entertainment for the 2004 ls 430 and i went to the lexus website out of Oman Middle East and if you buy a lexus 430 there you can get a rear dvd entertaniment system with a flip down monitor. I wanted to know if anybody has contacted a lexus dealer here in the US to see if you can get them here and/or any suggestions to where to possibly go to get one installed. I'd rather have Lexus install it i just don't know if that option is possible yet in the US. Someone please help!!! :D

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There was a company at the Dayton Auto Show that replaces the front headrest with ones with screens in them, they then mount the DVD player and connect it to the headrest. The new headrest are in Lexus colors, and you keep your original ones. The salesman also said that the new headrest would work electrically. I think the price was around $1,200. I got a brochure, but it was a couple of months ago, and I decided not to get them, because I rarely have anyone in my backseat for any lenght of time. So I don't know where the brocure is, nor do I remember the name of the company, SORRY. But I know it can be done. I think with the sun(moon)roof, a screen in the roof would be difficult, or at least take up some headroom.

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