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  1. They probably want it back from you for $40 so you won't sell it to someone else for $60!
  2. Believe me it is more than just plugging something in under the seat. The whole center radio stack has to be removed, from the power button panel to the nav screen. I installed mine about a month ago. Go to and look at the LS430 forum. A member over there just posted a very good tutorial, with pictures, on how to install the lockpick. Removing the center stack was scary as I previously stated, but it is doable, and I have no squeaks or rattles. Appearance wise, there is no indication it was ever removed. Good Luck on whatever decision you make.
  3. I have a 2004 LS430 and installed the Lockpick 1 in it. My experience has been very satisfying. I ordered it on a Saturday night, and got it the following Thursday afternoon. Removing the radio was fairly easy, but removing the navigation system was a little scary. I just recommend you take your time and be very careful when removing and replacing any and all parts of the dash. Use towels to protect the wood, and cover prying tools with tape. A magnetic phillips screwdriver, and a # 8 box end wrench are a necessity. The instructions that come with the Lockpick are of no help in installi
  4. The same molding came loose on my wife's RX. I caught it before it came off completely, and snapped it back in place. But I think I will go check the fit again.
  5. While on the subject, can you tell me where the nav disc is located in the 2004 RX? I seached a couple of times to no avail.
  6. I think this is the same recall. The clips actually attach to the carpet and keep a piece of the console in place I think. According to the article I read, it will also include the non-hybrid 330s and some Toyota models. The article was included in the business section of our daily paper and not in an auto media, so the info was rather scarce.
  7. FYI! An article in our July 13 newspaper stated that the 2004-2005 RX330 and early 2006 RX400h are going to be recalled to replace a dashbord clip that may fail and cause a piece of the console to come loose and interfere with the gas pedal. They stated that owners would be notified in the near future.
  8. The other option is to take it to an AutoZone if you have one near you. They will read the error, and if you ask nice, or tell them "that you drove it with the gas cap loose" they will reset the error, or at least they do it at the store near me.
  9. MadMax, not sure about your dealer, but I just stopped in mine and they had a mechanic come out to the parking lot and did it for free.
  10. The 1998/99 LS 400 can be programmed to allow the doors to unlock when shifted into park. My 1998 has this feature. It only takes the dealer about 15 seconds to activate it. I had it done because usually the passenger is pulling on the inside door handle before I can get it unlocked using the button, and I was concerned that something might get broken, maybe even the handle. If I am in a area where I am concerned about safety, which is rare, I just shift to neutral, put on the parking brake, and unlock whichever individual door I need. But if you push the unlock button on the driver's doo
  11. I have a MP3 player that I use in my 1998 LS400. It is the Creative Zen Extra. It holds about 10,000 songs (40 gig) and cost about $279. I use it mostly when I travel. I use the Belkin Comcast II (modulator) $39-$49 to interface with my radio. It sends a wireless signal to your FM radio. The key is to get a modulator that allows you to change to different radio stations. They broadcast to a vacant station without causing any interference. But as you travel you may need to find a different station that is vacant. I put it in the center console of my LS, and no wires are visible, so you
  12. If you go to and register they will send you one for free. It is the one that originally comes with the vehicle, and the maintenance guide also if you want it. I don't know how they do it, but you can order one a month if you want to. It takes about 2 weeks from the time you order until you get it in the mail.
  13. Both of my daughters have them. One in a 99 GS400 and one in a Maxima. They both work great and keep the grandkids quiet on rides of 30 minutes or more. Each has 2 screens that can be turned off and on independantly. You can play games on one screen and watch a DVD on the other if you wish. The picture and sound are both great for a portable device. They were purchased at WalMart for $175 each on sale. The screens actually strap around the headrest with a safety strap around the headrest supports. The DVD sits on the center console or passenger seat.
  14. I concur, have put Mobil One 5w30 in both of mine when purchased, a 94 with 25,000 and now a 98 with 60,000. Never had a leak or other problem. Just positive results. In the words of a great man, just "git er done".
  15. Yes they are. I just bought slotted and drilled for my 98 LS and the same part number was good for 1996 through 2005.
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