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  1. I'm interested in getting XM radio on my 430 but I understand the antennae is a black 2x2 square that is mounted on the side of the trunk lid. Does anyone have this on their 430 and if you do is there anyway to post some pictures so i can get an idea of what it would look like on my vehicle because on some review websites people have complained that it looks really out of place and bad. PLease someone help!!
  2. Just wanted to know if anyone has installed DVD monitors in their 2004 430 either flip screen or in the head rests and how was it done? Thanks!!
  3. Hello, i know most of u have probably already seen the Lextasy site but i wanted to know if anyone has purchased their Chrome headlight and tail light trim for the 2004 430 and if u have are they easy to install yourself because it looks that way? Another thing there was a Lsportline roof spoiler on the site and i wanted to know if anyone has installed that on their 430 and if u have does it look good with the spoiler? Is it easy to install the spoiler yourself or order it and have it professionally installed?
  4. I want sheepskin seat covers for my Lexus LS 430 and I was sent some samples from a company called sheepskin express via online and the samples are great and feel good i just wanted to know if anyone has purchased from this company and/or got shhepskin seat covers from somewhere else that are good? Also, if you want to check out their website it is at Another thing is they do rear seat covers, console covers, headrest covers, and armrest covers. Check it out if interested. :P
  5. I was checking around about dvd entertainment for the 2004 ls 430 and i went to the lexus website out of Oman Middle East and if you buy a lexus 430 there you can get a rear dvd entertaniment system with a flip down monitor. I wanted to know if anybody has contacted a lexus dealer here in the US to see if you can get them here and/or any suggestions to where to possibly go to get one installed. I'd rather have Lexus install it i just don't know if that option is possible yet in the US. Someone please help!!! :D