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Hid Headlights


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I have a 2003 RX300 that came with the standard headlights. I'd like to replace the standard lights with the factory HID lights. But I was told by a couple of dealers that if the car didn't ship from the factory with the factory HID headlights, the service departments either can't or aren't allowed to replace the standard lights with the HIDs. Appraently, only the Navigation equipped cars came with HID headlights.

Anyone know if the lights can be replaced and if so, what parts would be needed? My understanding is that its not as simple as just replacing the bulbs or the headlight itself.

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Thats true. It has the potential to void the warranty, plus for now aftermarket HID kits are technically illegal. Its not a big deal to retrofit them to yours, actually you can easily do it yourself. Just look at a good vendor like www.suvlights.com that deals in Phillips or Hella bulbs and ballasts. Shop around though, they're a little pricey.

I reccomend you go with the 4100k kit, thats the stock HID lighting setup for all vehicles. As you go higher, the color gets bluer to purpler, but the light output decreases.

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