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  1. That was my point on whether or not the collision and the overheating were related. If yes, your insurance should be paying, if not, then I would think it should be under Lexus warranty. Of course if the collision resulted in damage which resulted in the loss of coolant and you never acted upon it for days or weeks, then I can see how neither Lexus or your insurance would foot the bill for repairs.
  2. What state do you live in? Finding a new RX300 is going to be tough. You could try going to and do a search for all regions for a new RX300. When I do the search it shows 6 available. Give those dealers a call, you might be able to land a great deal if those cars are still actually available. Good luck.
  3. Are the two events, the overheating/blown engine and bump from collision related?
  4. The owners manual recommends oil changes at either every 5000 or 7500 miles. 5000 would be the heavy duty cycle and 7500 is considered the normal. I see nothing wrong with following the manufacturers recommendation in this case. My Lexus dealers recommends changes at every 5000, but then again the more they see you the more money they get. On a side note, on my other truck, a Ford Explorer, I do change the oil approximately every 3000-4000 miles. Ford's recommendation is 3000 miles for heavy duty cycle and 5000 for normal.
  5. I don't believe you can use the lock button to auto close the windows and sunroof. However, you can insert the key into the door lock and turn and hold in the lock position to auto close the windows and sunroof. As for changing the alarm to one button unlock all, tell your service adviser you want to change one of your CBEST settings. Here's additional FYI for all RX300 owners. What is C-Best and the C-Best settings for the RX 300? C-BEST system stands for "Customized Body Electronics" System. It is a system that allows customization through the dealer's handheld tester with C-BEST cartrid
  6. You can check for recalls and other service bulletins here. Click on the appropriate link for either 2WD or AWD.
  7. Nick, I believe these steps should work for your harrier. I'm unclear though on what exactly is the problem you are having.
  8. RickC, 20-22 mpg with a car full of passengers plus loaded with luggage, a stuffed cargo carrier creating bad aerodynamics, and speeds at 80-85 mph is pretty damn good. Its very doubtful that any car can hit it's rated mpg under these conditions. On the other hand, driving just yourself, no cargo, no cargo carrier, at about 55-60 mph will more then likely meet or exceed your cars rated mpg. My RX300 gets between 24-27 mpg if I drive it between 50-60 mph on the highway.
  9. I'll try and answer your questions as accurate as possible. 1) You cannot use a precut key from another Lexus to turn on your engine. You would only be able to use the keyless entry feature, after they are programmed, to lock and unlock the doors. To start the engine, the key needs to be cut for your car and the key must be programmed into your car's ECU. 2) I'm unsure about the FCC ID, but if you are buying it from a Lexus dealer, they require (if I remember correctly) your car's VIN# so that the key can be cut properly to fit into your locks. Maybe the FCC ID refers to two little tags that
  10. Check out this thread to see how the RX330 rims would look on an RX300. The images are photoshopped, but you get the idea. The pics are about half way down the thread.
  11. Another good Lexus message board is...
  12. The RX 330 looks really good in black! Enjoy your ride!
  13. truonsi1, I have an RX300. It gets about 20.5 mpg driving about 40% city - 60% highway. When cruising on the highway it's mpg ranges from 21-26 depending on speed without cruise control. It seems that I can better control the efficiency then the cruise control.
  14. Welcome RX-Lan, Those instructions are for programming the remote lock/unlock feature of a master remote key. Those instructions should work on all '99-'03 RX300s. I don't believe they are for the new '04 RX330s though. To program a new key to be able to start the engine, follow these steps. Programming replacement keys. 1998 and up Lexus models 1. Enter the car with a working pre-programmed key and close all doors. Simultaneously depress and release both the brake and the accelerator pedals. 2. Within 5 seconds, insert the working pre-programmed key into the ignition. Do not turn the k
  15. Welcome to the board nq. To answer your questions, if a locksmith can cut an uncut key, then all the better for you, but not every locksmith can. In a previous post, rsml51 said "...a locksmith with a laser cut machine can cut the key for you. Not all have it, because it is expensive. It cost me $30 to get the key cut." Otherwise, precut keys matched to your VIN can be purchased from Lexus dealers and a couple of other places I think. A new key would need to be programmed in two ways. The first thing you would need to do is program the key to be able to start the engine. The other programmi
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